Welcome Our New Instructor Hannah

Janae Luxe Studio is so happy to introduce an amazing addition to the team, Hannah Snyder! She's been teaching Pilates for 10 years and she's a standout, Classical Pilates instructor. She will be available for sessions Tuesday and Thursday 730am-2pm.

Pilates captured Hannah's interest at the age of 20 when she discovered that Pilates facilitates a life of physical fitness and well-being.  She trained at The Pilates Center in Boulder, Colorado, where she received training from a diverse group of teachers who together, provided a solid foundation for understanding the Pilates repertoire.  After finishing the yearlong Teacher Training Program at The Pilates Center in March 2006, Hannah moved to New York City.  She taught at Alycea Ungaro’s studio, Real Pilates, and Blossom Leilani Crawford’s studio, Bridge Pilates.  While living and working in NYC, Hannah had the privilege and the honor to continue her studies with first-generation teacher,    Kathy Grant and her protégé, Blossom Crawford. Hannah has continued her teaching career in California, and currently resides in San Diego where she continues her pursuit of physical fitness and well-being, through reading books, attending various workshops, and personal practice. Hannah loves helping her clients discover their physical potential, and believes Pilates can do that for them!

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