Jessica Janae-Owner/Pilates and Fitness Instructor

Originally from Oahu, Hawaii, Jessica has been a Professional Pilates instructor since 2005. She has a comprehensive Pilates Certification from Power Pilates of New York. Her training consists of 700 apprenticeship hours under the instruction of Shari Berkowitz, who was directly trained by Romana Kryzanowska.

Jessica has spent thousands of hours in various gyms in San Diego, having the pleasure of working with many clients from MMA Fighters like Michael Chandler, NFL Players such as Drew Brees, Darren Sproles and Shaun Philips, and professional MLB players such as Heath Bell and Clayton Richard.  As well as housewives to the elderly alike….in order to gain the knowledge and skill set to in order to become a world class Pilates Instructor! Jessica is also a certified Total Gym (Also known as Gravity) instructor. She has been teaching Total Gym classes since 2006, becoming one of San Diego’s most exciting, sought after instructors! She is also TRX certified. She continues to hone her Pilates skills through constant continuing education, self practice and private practice with other Master Pilates Instructors.


Mat Stockton- Bodywork Specialist

Movement has changed the way Mat approaches bodywork. Feeling your body properly aligned and moving naturally without any discomfort is a joy that everybody should be able to experience. After his graduation in early 2012 from a 650 hour Somatic Bodywork Course in Arcata, California, Mat wanted to surround himself with others who are passionate about holistic healthcare and practicing different modalities. He has worked in multiple atmospheres in the massage field, such as spas, fitness studios, and running his own practice.

Mat knows that every body is different and customizes each session to meet you where you are on your journey to better health. He uses a blend of Deep Tissue, Swedish, Acupressure, and Sports massage techniques. 

“My goal as a practitioner is to address and help eliminate dysfunction throughout the body, by working specific areas, encouraging client cooperation, and demonstrating simple self-care techniques to take your path to healing home with you.” -Mat 

Alexandra Rose - Pilates Instructor

Alexandra Rose Pilates Instructor

Alexandra was born and raised in San Diego. While she was first introduced to Pilates Mat work during her training as a dancer, she began to fully appreciate Pilates after sustaining a chronic foot injury. Pilates significantly helped her recovery, and this experience motivated her to become an instructor. Alexandra completed a 500-hour teacher training program through Club Pilates in July 2017 and has been teaching ever since.


Jennifer Bearse - Pilates Instructor


Born and raised in Massachusetts, outdoor sports and her love to challenge herself physically have shaped Jennifer's complete devotion and love for exercise and healthy living.  After suffering from a debilitating hip and back injury in 2008, Jennifer discovered Pilates and soon thereafter delved into the rigorous 500+hour teaching certification through Balanced Body University.  Since 2009, Jennifer has inspired, healed and educated both individuals and groups using the Pilates Method.

Jennifer is an avid athlete with an extensive background in a multitude of athletic disciplines including: CrossFit, triathlons, cycling, running, weight training, skiing, hiking, backpacking, yoga, and the Brazilian martial art Capoeira.   Jennifer is a multi-time triathlon finisher, and an Ironman Triathlete, and has competed in all types of endurance events, including long and short course triathlons, duathlons, century bike rides, and multiple half marathons and 10k running races.

Jennifer is currently enjoying increasing her CrossFit skills and abilities, and has been focused on combining the tenants of CrossFit with her knowledge of core strength and body awareness.  It has inspired Jennifer to see the power of the Pilates method in enhancing her abilities as a CrossFit athlete, and has reinvigorated her commitment to inspiring people to push themselves harder and transform their bodies, mentally and physically, through the Pilates Method and beyond.

Jennifer comes to the Pilates Method from the perspective of an athlete and someone who has suffered from chronic pain.  She herself has experienced the benefits of using Pilates to rehabilitate her body and become pain-free, while at the same time experiencing its’ benefits as a tool for creating a strong, flexible, and lean body.  Jennifer's goal when working with clients is to help clients to use all of the elements of the Pilates Method in their daily lives and in other activities, so that they can prevent future injuries and move with intelligence and total body awareness, no matter what their athletic or fitness goals are.

Our story


Established in 2005.

Janae Luxe Pilates Studio (Previously Classical Pilates San Diego) is Jessica Janae Wagner (Pilates Instructor).  Jessica has been teaching Pilates in San Diego, Ca since 2005 in Downtown Pilates with Angellini.  Later she went on to open the Classical Pilates studio in Mission Valley, where she worked with variety of private clients ranging from athletes, stay at home moms, people looking to get back in shape, and many others. After closing the Mission Valley location she moved to San Carlos and also began working out of Lava Sport and Fitness until it's closing in 2012.  Jessica Janae was working with private clients out of her home and also in Scripps Ranch at Fitness Quest 10 until 2014 when she had to have brain surgery for a tumor. She has now recovered and opened a new studio in Downtown San Diego.

Carrying on the legacy of the teachings of Joseph H. Pilates is our passion, because his practice of "Contrology" has been proven to be extremely effective.  All of our instructors have a Comprehensive Pilates Certification, meaning that they have completed the hours of training to teach all aspects of the Pilates method.


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