5 Great Reasons To Do Pilates

I get asked frequently, “Will Pilates work for me?” “Should I try Pilates?” “I lift weights and run, how can Pilates help me?”  Guess what? Pilates is for EVERY body, no matter what that body can or cannot do, or is already doing?


  1. Pilates is a “Practice.”  Pilates is so safe, with so many variations and modifications that you can start doing it at any age and continue doing it throughout your life regardless of age or injuries.
  2. You’re Gonna Get a Strong Core!  Many workouts will give you a flat belly by targeting superficial muscles (mainly the rectus abdominis and oblique muscles).  There are so many more muscles that support the spine and assist with deeper, fuller breathing (essential for life).  So with Pilates , you get more than just a flat belly, you get a strong core that keeps you standing taller and straighter, keeping you balanced and youthful.
  3. You Can Do It Anywhere.  All that you need to do Pilates, is your mind, a body (which you have), some floorspace, and some time.  And frankly you don’t need a whole lot of time either. Your body can be worked out in about a half an hour within the Pilates Mat system of exercises.
  4. Flexibility, flexibility, flexibility!  We all need flexibility. You can run, jump, lift, squat all day long, but when your muscles are shortened and tight, you just don’t feel good.  Being able to bend and stretch and reach is invaluable.  Inflexibility is the cornerstone of injury and immobility , which will end your workouts pretty quickly.  Pilates keeps you mobile so that you can keep doing the things you love to do!
  5. Pilates is FUN. This last one, you’ll just have to experience for yourself. ;)


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