3 Ways To Check Your Plank Form

3 Ways To Check Your Plank Form

The Plank exercise is one of the best total body exercises that one can do.  We’ve all heard that, and it’s totally true.  The problem with the plank, is that no matter how many times we look at that photo, it’s still a really hard exercise to get RIGHT!  When it’s right, it’s challenging.  When it’s wrong, it’s challenging AND painful!  The plank should be tough, it’s working your core, your arms, your thighs, your shoulders, not to mention those weak little wrists that start burning a few seconds in.


It really doesn’t matter if you do your plank on your knees, or you toes.  If you can’t lift your knees off of the ground, that’s ok.  Keep working on your knees, you’ll build the strength eventually.  If your wrists hurt because you’ve got an injury, it’s perfectly fine to do your planks on your elbows.  If you are able to do them on your hands, you’re going to get that arm workout that you won't get if you’re on your elbows.


So how do you get it right without someone like me standing over you, poking and pushing and pulling your body into the perfect plank?

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