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The Truth About Sitting.

The Truth About Sitting.


In my quest for knowledge, I come across many articles that are very helpful to me as a Pilates instructor, and I try to impart that knowledge to my clients.

Here is a great article that I came across recently from Adrian Farrell MSTAT of Alexander Technique London, on SITTING! Seems like something so simple but I love the way he breaks things down here. Enjoy.

Stand on your bottom, what?! The truth about sitting.

I don't like to teach from an overly anatomical view, too much detail to think about in day to day living. I'm much more interested in the way we think and react, rather than what we think about, but this is something really useful for you to consider.

Look at how the bottom of the spine joins with the pelvis. What changes to that relationship when the weight bearing changes from going through your hips, and ultimately to the ground via your feet, to going through your sit bones into your chair? Not much! You'll notice that both the hip joints and the sit bones are below the sacral-iliac joint, that is, where the base of the spine, the sacrum, fuses with the pelvis.

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