Client of The Month Lori!

This November we’re doing for the first time in studio history, Client of the Month! As we slide into the 3rd year of healthier, happier lives through Pilates fitness, I wanted to celebrate some of our members who have made great progress, and impacted their lives in a positive way. 

My first pick is no random choice, Lori Staehling, has been at Janae Luxe since before we actually opened the doors! I met Lori at one of my first ‘Pilates, Food and Wine’ events in Carlsbad. Lori signed up to the event through the suggestion of a mutual friend. I think she even told me later that she didn’t own yoga pants at the time, she bought them on the way to the event. At the event, Lori was eager to learn, and found the Pilates work invigorating! I later learned that Lori HATES working out (so she says) BUT she rather enjoyed the class.


When I opened the studio, Lori was one of my first clients and major cheerleaders! She came twice a week for months, not only doing Pilates, but also climbing the Convention Center Stairs once per week. Within a pretty short amount of time she had dropped a substantial amount of weight and was looking and feeling better than ever! I watched a change happen for Lori from the day she walked in, she said….”I hate working out, but I love coming here and and I love the results!” Trust me, there were days when it was a pretty obvious struggle for the both of us, but to Lori’s credit, she would NOT quit! 


Like everyone, she’s had times when life kept her down and it was HARD to make it into the studio, but here we are almost 3 years later and she’s still working out and feeling good! I sat down with Lori to find out in her own words, how her fitness journey has been:

J: What do you like best about Pilates?

L: Truth?

J: Yeah, truth! Haha!

L: Nothing!

J: Damn you!! Hahaha!

L: I DON’T like to exercise! I like the results though! I like that you can get AMAZING…like to me, amazing results! Like much better than all the other things I’ve tried in the past, in a very short amount of time.

J: Okay! and by results, you mean…?

L: The clothes I can fit into, the muscles that I have that I can see and feel, that I never had before, that I can see now. Which does look better! The strength, the energy, the flexibility, which I don’t really have compared to you…

J: Hey! You’re pretty flexible.  You’re doing pretty good! I see you!

L: And that I can keep up with Colton, my grandson! It’s amazing!

J: Yeah! That’s awesome!  So what’s your favorite exercise?

L: the stretch at the end! Haha!

J: You have to actually pick one! Haha!

L: I really have to pick an exercise that’s my favorite…?

J: Yes! and I would only ask YOU this, because I know you don’t have one! Hahaha! I want you to think! 

L: Ummmmmm….I like the Roll Up, on the Cadillac. 

J: Okay! So you like the mat work!!

L: No! 

J: So just the Roll Up?!

L: Yes. Because I can do it! And I don’t think I could do it when I first started here! And the most amazing thing that I can do now that I could never do before….but I don’t ever want to do again, was that Pull Up thing you made me do on the Cadillac!

J: Oh! Pull Ups! Haaaayyyy!

L: Yeah I did it!

J: And you did it well!

L:  And I like Footwork on the Reformer because I can do it without feeling like a complete clutz! I like the stuff that I can do that I don’t look like an idiot doing.

J: Okay! Well, you never look like an idiot!

L: Oh! And I really like when you tell me I did a good job! Hahaha!

J: Well I never lie! 



Thanks for making a commitment to yourself and following through, Lori! In this 3 years, you’ve grown in many ways and I feel very lucky to have been the instructor to help you realize your goals, and continue to feel good!


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