Pilates and Food March 16

I love to cook for my friends and family! I love having people over, cooking them a meal, putting a smile on their face!  For me, that's FUN! Add a bottle of wine and a camera, and you've got a night to remember!  Every once in a while I like to try and learn a new recipe.  It's always a challenge.  It's a challenge that I enjoy, but a challenge nonetheless.

Some of the challenges for me are the QUESTIONS!!  As you cook something new, from recipe, there are always questiosn that come up:

"Am I doing this right?"

"Is this supposed to look like this?"

"I hope I am BROWNING and not BURNING!!"

If you've ever cooked anything new from recipe, I'm sure questions like this have come up for you too! YouTube isa help...but with sticky fingers and pots boiling and water EVERYWHERE, it's hard to pause, rewind, stop, rewind AGAIN, etc.  I was looking online for recipes and came across the idea of in home cooking classes. PERFECT!  A professional chef, comes to the house, teaches me and a few of my friends and maybe a few of their friends, for a nominal fee, how to make something amazing to eat.  He shows us how to make it, and then we NOSH!

And then I thought, how awesome would it be, if we could just make a day of this?!  Do some Pilates, maybe a little restorative Yoga, and then finish with a this really cool cooking class and some really good food, followed by a little wine and maybe a mani/pedi?  Sounds like the perfect afternoon to me!

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